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Children in North America self-identify as either science or artistically minded as early as 8-years old. This early choice can silo them off from other areas of interest for the rest of their educational career and lead to missed opportunities as adults. By showing that science and stories are connected, our hope is to encourage children to keep an interest in both subjects instead of choosing just one.

Each episode explores a common known subject or perception (i.e owls are wise, lions are brave, etc.). Using several engaging art styles, ScienceLore explores the different cultural myths surrounding the episode's subject then teaches the real science that may support or negate the lore. 

Think TedEd Animation meets MythBusters!

"ScienceLore: Ravens" is a Halloween special and pilot episode of a 2D and 3D animated educational series. Viewers of this pilot episode will go on an artistic and educational journey as several distinct art styles tell the story of "Ravens" and the symbolic macabre and trickery that they embody.

"ScienceLore" is currently being pitched to become serialized as 5-10 minute, bite-sized episodes to be viewed online or streamed.


The "ScienceLore" series is the intellectual property of Chelsea DeMott Wildey


This 5-minute pilot episode was made by an all-student team over the course of two months. Production was made possible through the MAGIC Makers Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


"ScienceLore" Team

Current MFA Animation Students at RIT

The skilled team below is looking for work opportunities!

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"ScienceLore: Ravens" is currently 

on the festival circuit. Interested in the show? Please contact us to watch the pilot episode!

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